Why the blog?

Why the blog?

The concept of a blog always seemed strange to me, something I associated with those bored and privileged enough to be able to write pages upon pages about themselves, their experiences, and opinions. It confounded me how such a seemingly self-centred project could be attractive to the strangers of the Internet, yet it was. The same went for vlogging and all the other kinds of logging that could possibly exist through this virtual dimension. Perhaps I was a little bitter on the inside, too, that a person could “make it” simply by being themselves. After all, you had to be a pretty interesting person to be able to hold the attention of all the unknown identities behind the hits on a blog.

However, here I am.

Having found my dusty diaries, filled with eight years’ (12-last year) worth of journal entries, buried in the bottom of my “memory” drawer during the annual New Year purge at my house, I spent a good few hours going through them. I laughed, I cringed (a lot), and, most importantly, I regret.

I regret not having been more regular in my writing. By starting a blog, I hope that the pressure of social media (I will be sharing this on all my platforms) and my resolution of blogging once a week will be able to get me going. Considering that it’s the end of January, I consider it a pass in starting my 2017 resolution. Crossed fingers this continues!

I regret not having gone more into detail when it came to a few topics, especially ones I felt strongly about. This regret is exemplified by my active Facebook account that regularly goes through various opinion blogs and websites that made me go “YES! YES! SOMEONE ELSE THINKS EXACTLY LIKE ME!”. I want to be able to put my thoughts out there in the open so that I may create that connection with someone else on any side of the world.

I regret not having documented my progress more. From the awkward days of whining and ranting as a 13-year-old with low self-esteem, I’ve definitely grown from the days of my angsty, graphic t-shirts, slightly emo phase. As I begin my new decade in life (I end my teenage years on Halloween this year), I hope to be able to track my growth more and more and be able to look back on what I’ve accomplished (if I ever accomplish anything, that is). If anything, writing this post means a lot to me already.

Thank you for actually reading this far!