Surprise, surprise, I am again late and overdue with a bunch of posts. How do people blog everyday when I’m struggling to blog every week?

I swear I had a schedule. I was going to draft out everything at work (in food service off peak hours are simply a luxury, I can’t help but give the customers who come in after the BF even though they totally don’t deserve it),  come home where I would write out everything proper, and post it the same night. Voila, sounds easy, right?

Apparently, the old habit of procrastination is an extremely hard one to kill. That, along with waking up early when you have no hard obligation to after a year and a half of sleeping an average of six hours a night while toiling away for my A-Levels (thank goodness those days are over).

Another challenge I’ve encountered while trying to come up with new material is the fact that it seems that every thought and opinion that could possibly be has already been said!


These couple of factors along with the fact that I would just love to get to know more of those of you here in the WordPress community have finally got me to sit my ass down and properly write this plea for help. I’ve kept this blog post a short one since I’ve said my part for the most of it and didn’t want to jabber on meaninglessly for what is a very simple plea for help:

Please do drop a comment if you have any suggestions for me on how to improve my tendency for blog tardiness as well as how to improve the content of the blog itself and fill it up with more originality; or even if you want to say a simple hello (I love being able to read new content and be introduced to more blogs, I promise I’ll read them)





One thought on “Suggestions?

  1. People like me and alot of my friends, don’t care if they know what you’re about to say. They’ve probably already read it a hundred times.

    People however, being weirdos as usual, love, im sorry, thats an understatement, they are obsessed with how your version of the same damn thing they already know goes. People want to hear a unique perspective.

    Even better if its somebody they know.

    Like me. I love reading how you view the same exact things i probably know about. Its just how you view things. It can be anything really.

    As long as you add the “uwen” touch to it. People are gonna love it. If this isn’t true, people wouldn’t watch movies because its so obvious how its going to end but they just cant help it but die to know HOW it goes about to reach the end.


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