Regretfully, it’s been 2 months since I have logged on to this blog, I believe. It has been an unhappy 2 months of having the abandoned blog at the back of my mind but not without reasons.

One reason (or excuse), often heard, is that life got busier. I was in my last few weeks of work (a decision that only began to take emotional effect when the nostalgia hit that it would be one of the last few times I was to stand behind the counter and hide my temper with the fake pleasantry reserved only for customers) and an exciting trip of firsts awaited me on a solo flight to Mebourne (which I may soon blog about considering it has been a highlight, in many, many ways, of my 2017 thus far).

Another, is that my last blog post had me completely stumped (refer here: https://isaidblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/12/i-need-to-learn-korean/). I realised that although I could begin the post knowing exactly what to warble on in the opening paragraphs, I had no conclusion with which to reach as the post reached an acceptable length to be able to close in an appropriate fashion. I would then revert to the sub-conscious default mode of a motivational writer. Subsequently, once posted in the hasty and abortive focus of meeting personal deadlines, yet another post comprising of nothing particularly insightful for myself (and for any readers in question) went up on the blog with no sense of pride or having written something real at all.

Finally, I am back to my blog with the conviction of properly planning my future posts, rather than leaving it to the whim of the moment. Wish me luck!